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What a great idea to put this together - - I hope more people fill out their forms, it's been fun to see what people are doing now. Thanks for doing this, it has brought back so many memories.

Thank you for creating this neat site, beats the cost of

I'm excited to see that you are doing this site. I'm impressed. I have been talking to some of our fellow students. I love it. Too bad I have to get old to cherish some of the old friendships.

Just wanted to say Thanks! For all the hard work and endless hours you have taken so that the rest of us can have the enjoyment.

This is a great idea. Thanks for doing it.

Thanks for doing this web page. it is a great idea and a wonderful way to stay in contact with a great bunch of people.

This is really nice of you to do this for our class. I noticed that some of our classmates pictures had lines under their names. I thought it was because they were dead! Than I noticed that I had a line under my name, and I am very much alive. What is the deal?